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Elegant theme is a beautiful theme that is made for artists, photographers, designers, bloggers, and companies who want create a stylish creative way to showcase their site. Check out all the pages and see how this theme is perfect for you! 


A great way to show off your skills or company services is with the Themify Progress Bar Addon. Customize the colour of the bar, font face, style, and colour it’s a great way to make your site look more interesting.

[themify_button style=”rect black outline” link=””]Progress Bar[/themify_button]

The Progress module allows you to show team/individuals skills or the progress of an ongoing project in an animated interesting way. It comes packed with all our signature styling panel paired with a custom animation that allows users to see your progress along the bar.


  • Themify
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Firefox


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